What is Floppy Disk and its Types | Full Details

Friends, do you know what is floppy disk? And about types of floppy disk. Floppy disks were popular from the 1970s until the late 1990s. It was the main source of information and data storage. Because of that time, CD-Roms were not so popular. So let’s know What is Floppy disk and its types.

What is Floppy Disk:-

Floppy disk drive (FDD) is a data storage device which was created in 1969 for the first time. A flexible and thin magnetic disk was used for data storage in the floppy disks. This disk covers from a plastic wrap and can move freely inside it. Floppy disk with the size 5.25 inches is called mini floppy, while floppy disk with the size 3.5 inches is called microfloppy, which was used in computers.

If you want to access a floppy data then your computer must have installed a floppy disk reader. Just like a CD player or a reader is required to run CD-ROM, a floppy reader is needed to access the floppy disk. You can see below what the floppy disk looks like.

What is Floppy disk and its types

Types of Floppy Disk:-

There are three types of floppy disks. Actually, floppy disks were divided on the basis of size. There were having different capacities in different floppy disks. So leave this confusing question and know in detail about types of floppy disk.

8-inch Floppy drive:

This floppy was based on 203 nm technology of drives. The first floppy was made by IBM in 1960 but Read/write floppy disks and their drives became available in 1972. It can be only used in normal desktops and laptops because its capacity was only 100KB (100000 characters). Therefore, these 8-inch floppy drives were not used in special PCs.

What is Floppy disk and its types


5.25-inch Floppy drive:

This was first made for the normal size PC in 1987, it is also called the predecessor of the 8-inch floppy disk. The magnetic surface is covered through a jacket in this floppy. This floppy can store data both sides and there are three types of 5.25-inch floppy.

  • DSDD floppy (Double Sided Double Density)              –  720 KB
  • DSHD floppy (Double Sided High Density)                  –  1.44 MB
  • DSEHD floppy (Double Sided Extra High Density)     -2.88 MB

What is Floppy disk and its types

3.5-inch Floppy drive:

This was the smallest floppy drive in all. But it doesn’t mean to have low storage capacity. In fact, this floppy has a lot of capacity in comparison to previous versions (400 KB to 1.4 MB). Mostly it was used in common sizes PCs that support double density (720 KB) and high density (1.44 MB) with the size 400 KB, 800 KB and 1.2 MB.

3.5-inch floppy disk drivers were standardized therefore data can be transferred easily. These floppy drives became a very popular cause of its efficiency and reliability.

What is Floppy disk and its types

So in this way, we knew What is Floppy disk and its types.

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