What is Difference between Debit Card and Credit Card

When it comes to cashless, debit card and credit card play a big role in it. But many people don’t know what the difference between debit card and credit card is. People also have a big confusion which one is better for them. So in this article we will discuss about both card and also remove this confusion. Just keep reading this article till the last then we’ll reach the conclusion. Now let’s start Debit card Vs Credit card.

What is Debit card and Credit card

First of all we have to know what is credit card and debit card and also know about the uses of both cards. Choosing of any card depend on the usages of a person. There are also many different benefits of credit card and debit card. So let’s we start from Debit card.

difference between debit card and credit card
Debit Card vs Credit Card

What is Debit Card –

Debit Card is a card that we get when opening a bank account so that we can withdraw our money from the ATM. Almost everyone has the Debit Card today who has a bank account. It is used in ATM machines mostly and also for shopping, movie tickets and at the national level can be done for many things.

What is Credit card –

A credit card is a card that provides us a facility to withdraw money; even our account is also empty. But it doesn’t mean you can withdraw unlimited money, there is also a limit. Its limit depends on your card status; if your card has the limit of 50,000 then you can withdraw or shop up to 50,000 through that credit card and within 60 days you have to pay that money to the bank.

Now the main thing is that if credit card is very beneficial then everyone should have credit card instead of debit card. But friends Banks don’t provide credit card to everyone, there are some conditions for issue a credit card. Like if you have a good status and your salary receives per month in that bank then they can provide a credit card otherwise you must have a fix deposit (FD) in the bank.

Difference between Debit Card and Credit Card

  1. After zero balance in the credit card, you can make payment or shopping for a limit but in debit card there can be no transaction after zero balance.
  2. Everyone can get Debit Card who has bank account while you have to fulfill some requirement to get a Credit Card.
  3. You can also use credit card after zero balances while debit card is useless when your account’s balance is zero.
  4. Application fees and annual fees have to be paid for the credit card, while there is no charge for the debit card.
  5. You do not have to pay any interest on the amount withdrawn from the debit card, while in the credit card, you have to pay high interest on withdrawal when you withdraw over the limit.


Now we come to the conclusion. I think i have cleared your all confusions of “difference between debit card and credit card”. According to me if you use credit card smartly then it is very beneficial for you otherwise debit card is the best choice for a normal person and i am also using a debit card. When we use credit card then it’s a loan which may be headache for you so it is better to spend money that we have. After all life is full of problems so don’t take a new headache after knowing everything. If you like this information, please share with your friends and family who don’t know about it.

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