Top 5 Useful Smartphones Gadgets Under 50 Rupees

Smartphones and gadgets are wining the market. If you are a user of smartphone, you should use some gadgets also. It makes your work easy and also gives amazing experience. Now let know about top 5 useful smartphones gadgets under 50 rupees. So just keep reading till last.

Top 5 useful smartphones gadgets under 50 rupees :

1. OTG cable –

I think OTG cable is the most useful gadget for smartphones. It is a cable with micro usb port and female usb port. You can do many things by using this small gadget. It can be used for attach pendrive, card reader, Mouse, keyboard, USB lamp, USB fan and many things. You can buy it online or offline also, it is available at almost all mobile’s shops in 40 or 50 rupees.

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top 5 useful smartphones gadgets under 50 rupees

2. Cable protector –

This is very useful gadget for those people who have the problem of cable break. once broken, it is not long until the cable is no longer capable of charging. This cable protector made by rubberized material, which is easily attached to the cable with the initial and closing point. You can use this gadget to increase cable life and save your money.

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top 5 useful smartphones gadgets under 50 rupees

3. USB lamp –

Sometimes you use your phone’s flashlight for reading or light your room. But the flashlight of your phone is very dazzling. if you live in contract of Flashlight for a while then it is harmful for your eyes. So here is a solution, use USB lamp. This lamp can be used in many different ways. You can light it from charger of your phone, computer or laptop, power-bank, phone after using otg cable meaning you can light it from any USB port which has power. The light of this lamp is very calm and you can stay in contract of this light for a long time without any irritation.

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top 5 useful smartphones gadgets under 50 rupees

4. Finger ring holder –

This gadget is specially for those people who use their phones while gymming, travelling, running and some this type of activities. But I think everyone should use this gadget because it is not only a ring holder, you can use it as a phone stand while watching movies or videos. Sometimes our phones are fallen down by mistake during take selfies. If you will wear this ring holder in your finger, there is no chance to fall your phone. It is made by metal and have some glue at one side so that you can easily attach this holder with your phone. The price of this holder starts from 30 rupees on Amazon. If you have more money then you can buy premium holders.

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top 5 useful smartphones gadgets under 50 rupees

5. Mic-audio jack splitter –

This gadget helps to split your single 3.5 mm jack to double female Jacks. It separates a female jack into mic and audio jack that we get in our smartphones. It is very useful for those people who are youtuber or vlogger, you can easily connect your external mic by using this gadget.

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top 5 useful smartphones gadgets under 50 rupees


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