Top 5 Apps to Start 2019 These Smart Apps can Blow Your Mind

Friends, 2019 is coming soon and our daily usage of phone is also enhancing. We are making easy our life by using many smart apps. In this article we have some amazing Top 5 apps to start 2019, these smart apps can blow your mind.

We have chosen 5 apps that will help you to improve experiences of your daily life. so lets know about these apps, just keep reading.

5 Apps to start 2019

1. WAMR-

This app is for WhatsApp user. This app is very useful for those people who are troubling from deleted message feature. As you know a trend is running nowadays delete for everyone on WhatsApp.

This app will help you to  recover deleted messages. You might be thinking that there are so many such apps. But one particular thing in this app is that this app receives media also, not only messages. So you must try this out. Download Now

2. MixV-

Nowadays we want animation everywhere, even we set animated wallpaper on the home screen of our phones too. This app is quite awesome. You can insert a magic effect on your screen through this app. If you’ve seen a doctor’s strange movie.

So this app is built on the basis of that. It looks pretty awesome. I also have tried this app. This app gets a lot of good effects. If you want to look like a geeky, you should Download this app now.

3. Unseen Gallery-

This app is quite useful if you have to see the hidden photos, cashed photo or thumbnail of your mobile. When you delete photos, it remains in cashed. With the help of this app, you can see those photos.

If you have to see a photo then click on it, then you will see that photo and the options will come (delete, download) then you can download or delete that photo. You can download this app from Here.

Top 5 apps to start 2019

4. Smart Alarm Clock-

This app’s fourth app of this list Top 5 Apps to Start 2019. This is a smart alarm clock. This app is different from the another’s alarm app. This app Awake you according to the weather.

If the alarm is set at 4:00 o’clock this morning, then this app will wake up at 3:50 o’clock so that you do not have to go late to the office, because there may be some reason, like traffic jam or rains etc. You should try this app once.

Not available Now

Top 5 apps to start 2019

5. Text for Speech-

This is the last of of the list Top 5 Apps to Start 2019. This app is quite awesome, the name of this app is similar to its work. Yes, it is a voice to text translate app. You have to speak in this app and it will be start to typing on itself.

If you write too much every day or write for your blog or anything else, then this app will do a lot of work for you, just you will speak and write it down then copy and paste. Also you can write in any language in this app. If you want to know more about this app, Download Now.

Top 5 apps to start 2019

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