Top 5 Amazing Apps For 2019 (Latest Apps)

We are using many apps in our phones but mostly people know about them because they are very popular apps. In this article we have some interesting apps which are very useful for you. In few minutes you will know about Top 5 Amazing Apps For 2019. So just keep reading this article.

Top 5 Amazing Apps For 2019 :

1. Radiogram

Radiogram like a radio but you need internet in it. This radiogram will find the radio channel of the whole world. But this app is not yet fully launched and its beta testing is in progress. And in this app some of India’s radio channels are not available, but once it is fully launched, I hope all the radio channels in India will be made available. You must definitely try it.

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Top 5 Amazing Apps For 2019

2. Unique Control

Unique Control You may have come to know by name that a controller is such. When you open this app, you will see a main switch option, you can turn it on and then you will see the option of main switch in a pie. You can also turn it on. Then the app notification will be sent to you in the phone. The icon of a circular icon will be made of the same app then you will swipe right side so you can see the details of the notification. And there is another feature in it that if you swipe from the bottom of the phone, you will see a lot of options, then you can change the option of John according to you.

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Top 5 Amazing Apps For 2019

3. Creative

This is a wallpaper app of name, it will find a lot of features on the wallpaper as if this app has amazing wallpaper ringtone home screen and templates available. And when you go to the home screen, you will find a design template of many home screen. Then you can apply whatever you like. And an option template in which you can make a phone edge, select the screen size of your phone accordingly and you apply it and download the app to go more.

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Top 5 Amazing Apps For 2019

4. Phoneum

Phoneum is a crypto mining app, recently launched the phoneum coin. The same coin can be mined in this app. This app has a simple interface. Just log in from Google and click on Start mining. Will go. If this is going on in beta testing at the moment, there may be a slight bug, but if there is no tension, the bug will get fixed.

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Top 5 Amazing Apps For 2019

5. 90s- Glitch video effect

In this app you can launch 90s-Glitch video effect. After the app is open, you can import any video and select two-three effects and then export the video. After that you can see that the good 90s-Glitch effect has come into this video.

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Top 5 Amazing Apps For 2019

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