Top 10 Technology Myths That Are Unbelievable In This Era

Toady we have done a lot of improvements in the world of technology. After this, there are some technology myths that we are following so far. So in this article you will know about Top 10 Technology Myths which is unbelievable.

1 Over Charging is dangerous a big technology myths

You have often heard that the over charging of the phone may cause problems in the battery, but friends, let me tell you that this is not true at all. It’s just a rumor.

When the battery is fully charged, our phones automatically stop taking power from the charger, which does not harm our phones. It is not written anywhere that Over Charging is Dangerous.

If you have also heard this, you can stay away from these technology myths without paying any attention to such things and you can charge your phone for any duration of time.

top 10 technology myths

2 Hands upwards when your phone does not get a signal

When there are no signals in the phone, then some people use their hands to push up the phone so that the signal will come in the phone but it’s not true at all.

Friends, these are phones not any antenna or FM radio. If your phone does not have a signal, then you need to change the place not your hands.

In this case you can try a life hack that is totally scientific. You only need to tilt your phone with 90′ angle, it is an parallel and horizontal fact. (It really work sometimes)

top 10 technology myths

3 Put the phone on airplane mode in flights

This is a very big myth that we have been following for a long time, but friends, let me tell you that there is no disturbance in Airplanes’ Radio system from our phones.

So there is no chance of any damage to the plane or the phone. You can use your phone anyway, even if you turn it on without airplane mode.

I also didn’t know about this fact before watching a video of Technical Guruji on YouTube.

top 10 technology myths

4 More battery capacity means more battery backup

Friends, whenever we buy a new phone, see which phone’s battery is more mAh, so that it can give us a longer battery backup but this is entirely wrong because the battery backup is related to the component in the phone. That which quality display is in this phone, which is the processor etc.

It is a high level technology myths. (More mAh means more capacity but backup depends on the components of that phone)

top 10 technology myths

5 Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, Bing are free services

This is a big myth that we all think GoogleFacebookWhatsAppBing are free but this is not true. All these companies make money. These companies track our data what we are searching for.

All these companies give that data to the advertisers, who see the same advertisements that we have searched in front of us. These companies take money from the advertiser for the same data.

Top 10 technology myths

6 Fear of data erosion from x-rays

If you have ever been away from the flight then you should have noticed that our luggage is scanned by x-rays and in such cases our hard drive, laptop, phone, data card or some other storage are left in the bag, so you are afraid that your data will not be erased.

And because of this, most people keep such things with themselves, but this is a technology myths. The truth is that your data storage does not harm from the rays.

Top 10 technology myths

7 More megapixels mean better camera

We often compare the quality of the camera to the megapixel, that more megapixel camera clicks better photos. But friends, it is not entirely true, the quality of any camera does not only depend on megapixels.

It also depends on its lens quality, pixel size and Aperture density. So do not anticipate quality just by looking at megapixels.

Top 10 technology myths

8 Apple laptops (MAC) do not have viruses

You may have heard many times that Apple’s laptops do not have a virus but this is completely a myth. Viruses also come in Apple laptops but they are less because only 1% of people in the world use mac, the rest use the Windows laptop and those people who make viruses ignore 1% and pay more attention to 99%, which will make them more profitable. Now you do not ever think that there are no viruses in the mac

Top 10 technology myths

9 Refreshing makes your computer speed more faster

Friends, this is a very big myth. We refresh frequently after we turn on our computer and press the F5 button repeatedly. Since we think that the speed of our computer is increasing but it is not true at all.

It refreshes the icon only of our desktop so that if any item is not showing then it will appear. It has no connection with the speed of the computers.

Top 10 technology myths

10 Use of phone on petrol pump can be explosive

Whenever you go to the petrol pump, it is written there that the use of mobile phones is forbidden here and if you use it may be a fire or full petrol pump can also be blasted but this is not true at all.

It is just a rumor and many of the related Fake videos have also been created. Friends, let me tell you that there is no spark or fire or such rays from our phone that will cause fire in the petrol pump.

It has not been seen anywhere so far. For your goodness, let me tell you that we should not use the phone on the petrol pump because it is illegal if you do so, then the government can give you a punishment. It was a very big technology myths on the use of mobile phones on petrol pumps, which was very important to remove.

Top 10 technology myths

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