Top 10 Computer Tricks Every User Should Know

Top 10 Computer Tricks

If you consider yourself as a master of computer or a good student of computer science then you will be sad when i’ll tell you some interesting things about computer. So guys there are some amazing tricks that i selected for you. You will never have heard about these tricks. If you want to impress people, use these tricks in front of them. There are some tricks that runs through command prompt and some related to internet. So without wasting more time let’s know about Top 10 computer tricks every user should know. For now, just keep reading.

Top 10 Computer Tricks :

1. Secure Files Without Password-

If you want to use a file or folder in your computer only, you should encrypt that file or folder. This is a very easy process we will talk about here. After encrypt that file or folder, if you copy that file or folder in a drive and use in another computer, it will not open. It is very easy and wonderful way to protect any file. You don’t have need to use any software but bitlocker should be installed in your computer otherwise this feature will not work.

To apply this method right click on that file and click on properties then you get a box, now go to general partition and click on advanced then you get a box, here you have to click on ‘Encrypt contents to secure data’, after that click on OK.

2. Know IP Address of any Website-

Every website has an unique IP address and we can easily know IP address of any website using Google or other search engines but someone tells you to get IP address of any website without using any search engine or any website then you will think it is very tough. So here is a very interesting way to know IP addresses.

For this you have to use command prompt of your computer. Open the command prompt and type- Ping<Space><website>, for example ping then press enter button. You will get IP address instantly.

3. Block Any Website-

Many peoples want to block some websites in their computer but they don’t know how to do it. So i have a very simple way to block any website. You don’t have need any software, you can do this with notepad. So lets know how to block websites.

For this, Right click on notepad and click run as administrator. Now click on file then open then go to c drive and open windows folder, after that open system32 folder then go to drivers folder and open etc folder, if any file is not seeing here then change the file types from Text document to All files. Now you will get some files then double click on hosts. File will open in your notepad, now go to bottom and type in a new row “<space><website>

For Example if i want to block Facebook and Google then i have to type

You can go to hosts file by follow this path-  C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc

4. Open Task Manager-

You often open task manager to check any software which is running in background or to manage tasks. But you don’t know there is four easy and interesting ways to open task manager,

  • Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc.
  • Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete and click the Task Manager option.
  • Right click the taskbar and select the Task Manager option.
  • Click the Start menu, select Run, and type in taskmgr.

5. Take Screenshots-

Screenshot are very useful to capture the information from screen. I think everyone knows that how to take screenshots in smartphones but many peoples don’t know how to take screenshot in computers. So let i tell you it is very simple process.

To take screenshot in computers, Press “Print Screen” button on keyboard after that open ms paint and press “ctrl+v” the full screen will be print on ms paint. You can save it as an image.

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6. Hide Files Without any  Software-

Hiding files or folders is not a big deal but many people don’t know how to hide files or folders without using any software. For this, right click on that file or folder which you want to hide and go to properties then go to general partition, here click on hidden box and click on apply then OK. After this your file or folder will be hidden, now if you want to access or make it normal then click on organize and go to folder and search option then go to view partition and choose show hidden files, folders and drives. Thus you can hide or unhide any file or folder.

7. Access Blocked Websites-

If you are using the computer of your school or colleges, you can’t access some websites because they have blocked those websites. So here is a solution for you. Just open a website proxy site. It is very useful website because it can run any website for you while they are blocked by administrator.

8. Know Password of Connected WiFi-

Whenever you connect your computer with a WiFi, you have to enter password that time the password is saved in your computer. You can easily know what you have entered the password at first time. For this, right click on that network or WiFi and click on properties then you will get a dialog box, in the partition of security click on show characters. Password will be show in the network security key compartment.

9. Create New Folder-

If you want to look like a computer expert then you have to do things like a expert. As you create folders in your computes by right click and then you go to new and click on folder. But it’s very bored way to create folder. So here we have a shortcut key for you. Just press “ctrl+shift+n”

10. Change Computer Password Without Old Password-

If you want to change the password of your computer, you have to enter old password but here is a way to change password of computers without using old password. For this, right click on command prompt and run as administrator. After opening command prompt type net user and press enter then all account will be shown then type net <space> user <space> <account/user name> <space> <new password> after this press enter then a line will be shown on the screen, The command completed successfully. It means your password is changed without entering old password.

I hope all Top 10 Computer Tricks will be very useful for you and it will be make your experiences better to use computer. thanks for visiting, if you have any query comment please i will try to reply you.


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