Play Youtube in Background Android

We are addicted to multitasking and YouTube is most popular video playing platform and almost all people use it but basically YouTube doesn’t allows to play videos in background so in this article we talk about for this problem and here is two ways to Play YouTube in background Android

1. Using Mozilla Firefox

If you want use Mozilla Firefox for youtube playing in background you can play only music. You can Play YouTube in background Android by following these steps

Install the App

Install the app from Google Play Store or click here

Open YouTube

now open the app and go to

Request Desktop Site

Go to options and Check in Request desktop site option

Play Any Video

Now play any video of YouTube which look like your desktop view.

Press Home Button

Now press home button then you found music still playing and you can do any other work on your device.

Thus we can play youtube in background android device and you can see a notification of playing here you can pause and play music.

2. Using Stream App

With this app you can truly play videos in background. it provides a video popup that can be drag on screen. for this app we have to follow these steps

Install the Stream App

Install the app from Google Play Store or click here

Open YouTube App

now we have to open the YouTube app for playing YouTube videos in background

Play any Video

in YouTube we have to play that video which we want to play in background

Share with Stream App

Now click on share button and select Stream App


It’s completely done now you get a popup that you can drag on your screen here and there thus we can Play YouTube in Background android device

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