Mac vs Windows 2019 Which One Should You Buy

Mac Vs Windows 2019
Mac vs Windows 2019

We are often confused when choosing Mac or Windows. Mac vs Windows 2019 is a good topic, you should know about it. So i would tell you, both have their good and bad things. In this article we will talk about their some strength and weakness. The fact is that we can’t anyone for everyone. We have to choose, according to users requirements because in some cases, mac is better than windows and in some cases windows is better than mac. 

There are some myths also regarding mac and windows, so we will creak them in this article. We are comparing mac and windows through some major points. So just keep reading this article Mac vs Windows 2019 which one should you buy and which one is better for you in 2019.

Mac vs Windows 2019-

1. Operating System:

The operating system of the Mac is completely different from the If you have a habit of using Windows PC then it will take time for Mac to be the good user. It runs on Mac OS while PC runs on Windows operating system. Mac OS is more capable and there is less scope for error. However, Windows systems include service packs that also include updates related to improving system performance.

In general, everything depends on CPU usage. PC runs on Linux, UNIX and some other operating systems. But we are comparing Mac and windows. So it depends on you which interface would you like, Mac or windows. Also i want to tell you Mac OS is so smooth in using in comparison to windows OS.

2. Design & Accessories:

PCs can be customized, so most people give it priority. You can add multiple components on the PC. The same can easily be uninstalled also. But Apple Company makes Mac’s accessories itself, so compatibility becomes a major headache in Macs.

However at the design level, the Mac system looks very stylish due to its very light weight and slim design. Apart from this Apple has a great value in the world. If you use a Mac, then people consider you as a rich man. It was some funny but reality.After all Mac is winner in this field, if you don’t want many customization.

3. Security: 

Many people think Macs are totally virus free but this is only a myth, viruses can also come in Macs. When it comes to security, Macs are ahead of Windows machines. At this level the owner of the Mac does not have to worry too much, because the risk of malware attack on PC is high. If you are running the Internet on a PC, then definitely install an updated antivirus.

When it comes to cyber security, most attackers focus their efforts on Windows machines. Over 90% Windows PC is occupied by the market. Therefore, the risk of hackers on PC running on Windows is also high.

4. Gaming:

If we talk about high performance activities like gaming, windows PC is the best choice because windows PC performs excellent in comparison to Macs. You can find tons of Windows PCs and laptops with strong Nvidia and AMD graphics cards built in.

It’s not mean you can’t play games in Macs, you can easily play many popular games like Fortnite in Macs. But when we compare Macs to Windows regarding gaming then no doubt Windows is winner. However,for high-quality gaming, Windows wins every time. 

5. Applications:

Applications are more available in Windows, this cannot be denied. However there are some software that runs on both operating systems. But the software of MAC is more effective. Generally MAC is given priority in the field of image and video processing.

We can say that if you want a more convenient computer, you can go for Windows and if you want a capable and fast computer then you should buy Mac. Macs have some great exclusive software, such as Garage Band, Spaces, and Aperture which performs like a pro.

6. Cost:

Clearly the price of Mac is quite high. It is also due to Apple’s marketing policy and Mac’s ability. PC is quite cheap at this level. Windows laptops and computers are available at much lower price points than Macs. But if you want to a high processor in windows PC like i5, i7 and i9 then the price is almost similar of both. I consider that price is little bit high of Macs than Windows PC but don’t think price is so much high of Macs.

7. Conclusion:

So this was the comparison Mac vs Windows 2019. Both have their some positives and negatives. Macs are famed for light weight design, security, a simple UI, stylish design and strong customer support. However, Windows PCs are available on very less price, great for high-performance gaming, many customization and have more software available on them. You can buy one according to your requirements.

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