How to speed up Android pones

How to Speed Up Android Phones- 5 Things that You Should Never Do

We are creating many mistakes during the use of our Android phones that makes your phone to perform slow. So in this article, I will help you to know How to Speed Up Android Phones.

It is noticed that we make our phones slow many times, but the lake of knowledge we’re doing it again and again. So now you don’t need to worry about it, I’ll discuss five common mistakes and stoping them you can speed up your android phones with ease.

# Installing Apps from Unknown Sources

It is a very bad idea to download and install apps from unknown sources because these apps can steal your data that may cause of data leaks. If these apps are actually safe, then they should be listed on Google Play Store.

These types of apps are against Google Play Store policies; that’s why Google doesn’t have insecure apps in its Android apps store.
There are a lot of apps (over 43 million apps) available on Google Play Store. So we should not install 3rd party apps.

If you install third-party apps, you can be monitored also they can click pictures from both cameras of your phone. So it is better to remain in the safe zone.

After all, many third-party apps constantly run in the background and affect your phone’s performance.

# Killing Recent Apps

When we open any app, then it goes to list of recent apps for instant open in next time, but we kill recent apps because we think that recent apps are consuming battery if we kill these apps then we can expand battery backup, but it is only a myth.

Android is very smart if you don’t use any app for some time, then Android automatically kills those apps or if Android feels lack of Ram, then also it kills recent apps.

This approach is not a good idea to save battery; rather, you are spending more battery by doing so. When you open any app, the battery is consumed in the opening process.

Suppose you are opening any app again and again, so why are you wasting battery by killing recent apps. So finally, in one line, if you really want to save your battery life, do not kill recent apps.

# Rooting with Android

People are rooting Android phones without any understanding of rooting. They think rooting is cool and they get some interesting feature, so they root their phones.

I would tell you there are limited access in our Android phone if we root Android then we can access all data and make changes as we want. One thing is that you will lose the warranty of your phone if you root your Android phone.

Companies do not want to give you full permission because you may delete some important files which are very important for running an operating system. That’s why I want to tell you that if you do not know about rooting please don’t root your phone and if you know all things of rooting, then you can root your phone without thinking.

# Using antivirus

It is a very big myth people think that they can keep their phones safe if they use antivirus. But it is not entirely true if you are using an Android device then you don’t have to install antivirus it harms your phones instead of protecting your phone.

These types of apps (Anti-virus, Battery savers, cleaners, etc.) keep your phone’s processor busy, which consumes more battery too. So if you do not use any kind of memory booster, clean master or antivirus, you’ll be definitely able to “speed up your android phones”.

# Continuous Use

Most people do not restart their phones for many months, but at least one time we should restart our phones. From this phone’s processor feels fresh and optimized.

It doesn’t have any technical proof, but this thing actually works. Everything works pro-actively after refresh and restarting your phone is similar to that.


So in this simple way, you can speed up Android Phones. I introduced with all-natural things and didn’t say to do any technical change. And please don’t do any unnecessary activity with your phone. I’m damn sure that no app can boost up your phone’s speed. It will perform according to your phone’s processor.

I hope this article will be helpful to you.

So all the best, and Cheers.

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