How to Save Battery of Smartphones’ | Amazing Tips

How to Save Battery

Many peoples search for How to save battery of smartphones. So in this article we will talk about how to save battery of smartphones without using any app. So lets get ready to know these amazing tricks.

1. Power Saving Mode on Android Mobile

Almost all phones have the feature of power saving mode. That’s why this is come on the top of the list battery saving tips. You save a lot of your phone’s battery.

All unnecessary apps and settings is automatically closed when we turn on Power saving mode. Many smartphone have Ultra Power Saving Mode, you can save more battery from this feature because you can only do some basic things on your phone when it is turned on.

2. Auto Brightness can Save your Battery

Nowadays we can see this feature of auto brightness in every phone. If you turn it on; The phone brightness automatically adjusts according to the temperature.

Many people always adjust brightness manually; it is good in sunlight but when we are at dark places then we do not reduce brightness of our phones. This is also a reason to consume battery. We can save some battery by this auto brightness feature.

3. Using Wi-Fi can Save your Battery

Everyone has been connected to the internet due to the current smartphones. Almost all people use their mobile data and always turn on it but you have no idea how much battery is consumed from mobile. But fact is that internet is very useful for us nowadays. So what should we do?

Here is a solution, if you have Wi-Fi, then do not use mobile data. It has been observed that when Mobile Data is on, 40% more battery is consumed than Wi-Fi. Therefore, use as much Wi-Fi as possible.

4. Turn off Bluetooth & GPS

I have seen that a lot of peoples remain turn on some features like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS in their mobile without any work. This consumes the battery in so much.

When your phone has not any need to turn on these features, turn them off. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS keep on transmitting radio waves, this is why your phone’s battery is used without work.

5. Screen Timeout can Save your Battery

You all know about the screen timeout feature. It means, if the phone is on, how long will the display be closed? If you set the timeout of screen for 2 minutes then display will be turned on for 2 minutes.

If you want to save the battery life of your phone, try to keep the screen timeout as minimum as possible. A lot of people choose the screen sleep timeout option of up to 10-15 minutes. This also leads to phone battery drain without any work. According to me, keep it only 30-60 seconds. It is sufficient for a normal user. If you read on your phone then also 2 minutes is enough.



There were the 5 amazing tips to save phone’s battery. If you want to know more tips regarding saving do not search for How to save battery  just comment below. I hope this article will be helpful for you. For know stay tuned and keep growing.


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