How To Change Facebook Name Without Waiting 60 Days

If we change the profile name of Facebook for the second time in 60 days, then Facebook does not allow us to do this, so continue reading this article till the last, so that you can get the full information that How To Change Facebook Name Without Waiting 60 Days.

So friends now we will complete this process in simple 5 steps. if you go to edit your name you have found a message “you can’t change your name on Facebook at this time because you have changed it in the last 60 days”. then follow these steps:

How To Change Facebook Name Without Waiting 60 Days

1. Go to Manage Account

First you have to go to the settings of the Facebook account, after which you have to click on Personal information, here you will get the manage account option which you will click on. here you will see an interface like the picture shown below

2. Click on Deactivate

Here also You will be seeing the option of account deactivation. In which you have to click on deactivate.

3. Select ‘My Account was Hacked’

Now select my account was hacked and then click on secure my account. Remember that here you do not have to deactivate the account by clicking on any option.

4. Get Start

Now Select second option (someone else got into my account without my permission) then click on get start This is the main step to change the name of your Facebook profile so consciously enter your old password  and click to continue then you got a option to select your name

5. Name Review

Click on name and date of birth review and here select your name then click on name change (your name) and now it is completely done.


So Guys in this way you can change Facebook name without waiting 60 days.

we are also providing you a queue of clicks here that will make you easy.

Open Facebook>profile>settings>personal information>manage account>deactivate>enter your old password>continue>my account was hack>Secure your account>select second option(someone else got into my account without my permission)>continue>get start>name review>select name>change name


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