Google Fi Review 2019 (Full Details and Plans)

Hello friends, today you will know all the important things about Google Fi. I did very comprehensive research on project fi or google fi. Read the article “Google Fi Review” till the last. You will get a lot of information in a few minutes.

Google Fi Review
Fi sim card

This is a 100% honest review that will provide a better experience of your internet life. There is described its goods and bad things and consumers point of view so let’s start.

1. What is Google Fi

Basically Google Fi is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) by Google. It was launched in the US in 2005. It provides calls, internet and messaging in our phone like any other operator.

So the question is why Google launched this service in the markets? Here is an interesting thing, as you know Google doesn’t do common things that everyone is doing. Google fi was launched for providing the fastest internet speed than any other operator in that specific area.

When it was launched, it was known as project fi. But after some time Google announced officially that Project fi is now Google fi. Initially, it could be used in some phones which were Motorola moto x4, pixel and nexus phones. But in present, it is compatible with the majority of all android phones and iPhones too.

Another amazing thing is that whenever you go outside of your country you don’t need to switch operator or change settings of your phone. Google fi have coverage over 200 countries to provide unbreakable connection. Before knowing Google Fi Review, you should know about its working and cost so let’s go to explore Google Fi.

2. How does Google Fi Works

Google doesn’t have its own network or cellular tower, it uses other networks to deliver service. Basically Google tie-ups with top 3 cellular operators in each country. As you know internet speed varies in different locations for different operators. In this case, it can’t be possible to get the fastest internet speed in every place through a single operator.

Google Fi switches very smartly to the fastest network without any hurdle in using phones.

For example; If you’re living in Willis Tower in Chicago (U.S.) where Xfinity is providing fastest speed in all, then went to Roosevelt Road in Chicago (U.S.) where RCN giving you the best speed.

In this case, you don’t need to compromise or change your network operator. Google Fi is the only solution to get reliable service. It will switch your network Xfinity to RCN automatically.

Although, Google Fi is the solution to slow internet speed but it is very costly too. For complete information, we need to read the full article of Google Fi Review. We have mentioned below about its plans, experience, Pros and Cons.

3. Google Fi Plans

Unlimited Plans

1$70/month + taxes & gov’t fees
2$120/month + taxes & gov’t fees
3$150/month + taxes & gov’t fees
4$180/month + taxes & gov’t fees
5$225/month + taxes & gov’t fees
6$270/month + taxes & gov’t fees

Flexible Plans

1$20/month + $10/GB + taxes & gov’t fees
2$35/month + $10/GB + taxes & gov’t fees
3$50/month + $10/GB + taxes & gov’t fees
4$65/month + $10/GB + taxes & gov’t fees
5$80/month + $10/GB + taxes & gov’t fees
6$95/month + $10/GB + taxes & gov’t fees

4. How to get Google Fi Connection

You can follow these simple steps

  • Firstly you need to sign up at fi.
  • In this signing process, you can order a free sim card or you can purchase at an authorized retailer of Google Fi.
  • When you got a sim card you need to confirm that your phone is compatible with Google Fi or not. Majority of all android phones with version 7.0 or above and all iPhones with iOS 11 or above compatible with Google Fi.
  • Once you clear all the eligibility you can insert your sim card.
  • Finally, to get started, you have to download the app on your phone.

6. Pros & Cons

There are some pros and cons mentioned below.


  • Always-on VPN
  • Fastest Internet Speed
  • Working in 200+ countries
  • Super effective number blocking
  • Group plan options
  • Compatible with all android at version 7.0 or above and all iPhones at iOS 11 or above
  • The simplest data management


  • Only US residents can get Google Fi sim cards
  • Costly in comparison to other operators
  • If there’s no LTE available, they won’t be able to fall back to GSM (2G and 3G)

7. Google Fi Review

A large number of people are satisfied with the service of Google Fi. It saves huge amount of your money while travelling internationally. I saw many peoples are transformed into Google Fi from T-Mobile. When you take a flexible plan then you have to pay for each GB and whenever you don’t use that data then it returns automatically in your wallet or account.

It’s very simple to use for peoples. The best feature is the VPN that people like the most because it is the privacy matter and everybody wants to live their life privately.

Google Fi Review
Google Play Store Ratings

Apart from this, some people had to face problems with Google Fi. Many peoples faced the issue of sim activation and some found bad customer service. Sometimes people even complaint about internet Speed.

But there may be some technical issues and the team Google is very responsible. They always ready to resolve the problems of their consumers. This was the Google Fi Review from my side. I wrote this review after very comprehensive research.

If you’re living outside from USA you can’t join Google Fi services. It is only available to US residents only with a US address and a US credit card.

So only US residents can get this Google Fi sim card and enjoy all over the world.

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