Find Out the Best Accounting Software for Startups and Small Businesses

Working with some business accounting companies, I knew all the accounting features and user needs globally. Therefore, I’ll guide you to find out the Best Accounting Software for Startups and Small Businesses. Streamlining employee payments, tax filing, integrated banking, data security, and financial analysis reports are crucial factors that any business requires.

Many software in the industry has recognized these requirements of a business. Whether you are a startup, small business, or well-established business, you can check out one of the following software.

QuickBooks ($25-$150/m)

There are some reasons for listing QB accounting software at the top as the market leader. They had good market research and given their time to develop software suitable for all kinds of startups. It comes with online and desktop variants; you can start with the online version and then quickly move to QuickBooks Desktop, which includes more robust functionality and is can handle a complex, multi-million dollar company. It is also known for its profound support, and you can instantly get in touch with the QuickBooks Data Services team.

Xero ($11-$62/m)

This software has gained vast popularity by putting itself as an aggressive competitor against Intuit and marketing itself as the brand new and sexy accounting software. But there are still some features that are missing making it a time-consuming software comparatively. After having a competitive range of features- Xero is not a versatile solution for business accounting as users often complain about missing features that make managing Xero more difficult.

Freshbooks ($15-$50/m)

Freshbooks can handle very initial-stage startup accounting requirements, but you will be unable to maintain your business when your transaction volume and complexity increase.

Wave ($20-$35/m)

If you’re a baby startup, Wave is for you. It is capable of fulfilling your accounting needs but similar to Freshbooks. You cannot continue with software for the long-term when your business gets expanded. But it’s really great for sole owners.

NetSuite (Custom)

Netsuite is another great option but not build for a startup and too expensive. Still, you should consider this once if you’re doing high quantity, high complexity transactions. (for instance, more than $20M annual revenue) Developers have covered everything that an enterprise lacks.

So you can easily find out the Best Accounting Software for Small Businesses according to your needs. Also, price plays a vast role when you go acquiring the best-fit bookkeeping software for your startup. So make a side-by-side comparison with its price, rating, and features.

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