Best Controller For PC gaming

When it comes to gaming then controller is the most important thing in PC and when we play games using keyboard and mouse we had to face many problems like movement accuracy be decrease, the action becomes delay and more. So we did comprehensive research to find Top 5 Best Controller for PC Gaming. You will definitely find what you are looking for after reading this article till the last.

There is the best controllers listed in their price segment. We observed their pros and cons that will help you to choose the best controller for pc gaming for you. So let’s know one by one to all. We organised them in the descending order of their prices.

1. MYGT C04 

This is the best solution when you buy different gamepads for different devices. MYGT C04 is a wireless Bluetooth controller which is compatible with almost all devices where you play games like Android/ Windows-7,8 ,10/ Sony Play Station (PS3)/ Smart TV/ Tablet/ TV box. 

You can easily play games such as God of War, Vice City, Tekken 3, Racing games etc. If guys you are looking for online games like PUBG/ Apex Legends/ Fortnite then this controller is not for you. In this case you can read this article.


Apart from this, there are many features in this gamepad. We can see well arranged buttons with 360° two joysticks and a phone holder which does not make gamepad so much heavy like others. 

It has 700 mAh lithium battery that gives 18 hours playback time and and 10-12 months standby time. There are some pros and cons mentioned below.


  • Compatible with all gaming devices
  • Phone Holder
  • Very Responsive
  • 18 Hours Continuous Gaming Backup


  • Does not Support PUBG
  • Cheap Built Quality at this Price

2. Redgear Pro

Are you a PC gaming lover ? It is made for you. Guys if you love to play games in pc then why should you waste your money in other expensive gamepads. Just buy this gamepad for an amazing experience and also it is worth at this price.

After all its features- turbo gaming mode, realistic vibrant are fantastic. It gives you 7-9 hours gaming backup at once charge. Redgear pro comes with two analog sticks and two analog triggers. It gives an awesome in hand feel.

I highly recommend you to buy this gaming controller if you play games in pc and if you are wandering for gamepad that compatible with all devices you can go for MYGT C04 that i mentioned above.

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So guys one life hack is here for this gamepad controller, sooner or later if your mood be to play games on Android then using otg cable you can play games with this gamepad. As you know this is an life hack trick therefore it does not work in some cases.


  • Turbo Mode
  • Realistic Vibration
  • Good built quality
  • 10 meter connectivity range


  • Compatible with only Windows
  • Little bit slow charging

3. Redgear Elite

Design of this gaming controller is regular like other gamepads. Now the question is that why did i choose this one. So friends i found the best built quality in this gamepad at this price. It has wireless connectivity, very smooth and responsive buttons that improve the accuracy in gaming.

So i can say this is the Best Controller for PC gaming at this price segment. Also there are some bad things like this gamepad doesn’t support android and other gaming devices except PC.

Manufacturer claims 10 Hours battery life but the real backup is up to 8 hours at once charge. It is good under $14. 

If your budget is under 1000 rupees and you play games only on PC then without any doubt you can go for it.


  • Turbo Mode
  • 10 Meter Connectivity Range
  • Good Build Quality
  • 8 Hours Battery Life
  • Value for Money


  • Does not support console
  • Compatible with only Windows

4. Cosmic Byte C1070T

This Gaming pad is for those games who want to buy one controller for their all gaming devices. It is compatible with Android/ PS3/ Windows XP, 7, 8, 10. The design of this pad is really modern and awesome looking, i love it personally. You will also get a turbo button in middle to auto fire which makes game so interesting.

Cosmic Byte C1070T is a wired gaming pad so you may be disappointed with it. But don’t worry guys there is also available another variant of this controller which is completely wireless known as Cosmic Byte C3070W Nebula 2.4G.

As you know if want more features you have to pay more price. So i recommend that if you go for the expensive one of cosmic then you should buy Redgear pro that i mentioned above.

I absorbed that the length of cable is also good which is 1.8 meter including USB cable and OTG cable. It is enough to play games in any device, approximately we sit 0.8 meter far from our screen.



  • Turbo Mode
  • 1.5 Meter Cable
  • Compatible with PS3/Android/Windows
  • Modern Gaming Layout


  • Wired

5. Quantum QHM7468

This is the cheapest gaming controller i found. Actually guys, not only cheapest but with all basic features that all gaming pad have like two analog stick, triggers, start + select +8 basic buttons and analog key.
Literally guys under 300 rupees, this is the best controller for PC gaming. According to its price don’t expect a good gaming life, it can be used only for formal gaming not for good experience.
It also has 1.5 meter cable to connect with your PC. Apart from that, Quantum QHM7468 is very light weight and built from plastic material. Being honest you can’t use it for long time, it is useful for your initial days.


Who should buy this controller?

A person who is about to start his gaming life on PC or a beginner who is about to start playing with gaming pad. If you have already used any good gaming controller then it is not for you.



  • Cheapest ever
  • 1.5 Meter Cable
  • Analog Sticks and Triggers


  • Wired


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