Best Blue Light Filter App for Android Phones

I’m pretty sure that you are well known of blue light which reflects from your Smartphone’s screen. So today, I’ll reveal the Best Blue Light Filter App for Android, which can reduce Blue Light intensity to a great extent.

Also, I would like to tell you that blue light is a harmful light for human eyes even it disturbs your sleeping too. I have described below about blue light. 

Blue Light Filter App

Download the App from Google Play Store

If you want to download this app click here. After installing this app, if you are engaged with your Smartphone even till late at night, you’ll not have any problems in your eyes. If you also want to know about this Blue Light Filter Android App, then read this article Best Blue Light Filter App for Android Free Download: Save Eyes from Smartphone’s Blue Light at Night.

Features of Best Blue Light Filter App for Android:

  • Reduce Blue Light: Blue Light Filter can turn your screen into natural colour, thus it keeps our eyes safe by reducing Blue Light so that we can sleep well at night.
  • Adjustable filter intensity: With this help, you can adjust light intensity by just sliding a button.
  • Save Power: Using this, your smartphone will optimize the battery and power will also be saved.
  • Auto-Timer: You can set auto-timer in this Blue Light Filter Android App. When the time is over, Blue Light Filter will automatically become activated and your screen will be dimmed.
  • Built-in screen dimmer: You can also reduce the brightness of your smartphone from the “Least Brightness level” given in it.
  • Easy-to-use: This is very easy to use, and with the help of this app you can shift your smartphone to Night Mode and use your smartphone till late in the night, your eyes will not have much trouble.

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How Blue Light Filters Works:

Friends, Now, we know that what Blue Light but we must know, why Blue Light is Harmful? What’s in the Blue Light, which makes it detrimental to our eyes? So let’s know about it.

According to scientific studies, exposure to blue light is associated with severe risk of retinal neurons and prevents the secretion of melatonin; it is a hormone that affects the circadian rhythm. It has proven that we can significantly improve our sleeping by reducing Blue Light.

Working of this Blue Light Filter App for Android:  When you open this Blue Light Filter Android App, first of all, you have been told that Blue Light is there. Blue Light is harmful. If you search in Google about Blue Light, then you will find that same thing on Google too.

According to the Blue Light Filter Android App, “The colour temperature of blue light is high (over 5000 K), and it will keep people sober. Blue Light is very short and visible wavelength between 380-550 nm.”

If you translate it,” Blue Light’s colour temperature is quite high, around 5000 K (K = Thousand), and it can do also calm, serious to people. Blue light Filter is quite short and its wavelength is between 380-550 nm.” Therefore, Blue Light Filter is visible to our eyes immediately.

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