Amazon Prime Vs Netflix Which Is Better For You (Full Comparison)

Nowadays we are addicted to watch videos online. YouTube is the world’s no.1 video streaming service for today because it is free. Also, there are some more platforms available on internet. In this article we will talk about only Amazon Prime Vs Netflix, which are paid services. So let we compare one by one.


Amazon Prime vs Netflix

Netflix is the most expensive service of video streaming for today. Why it is so expensive? Lets see about why Netflix’s cost is so high in comparison to other video streaming services, because it provides you a great collection of Hollywood movies. If you are a Hollywood lover or if you like to watch Hollywood movies, you will definitely use Netflix by paying every month. If you are looking for Hindi content. Netflix is working good for Hindi content but Hindi content is less on Netflix for now.  You can see some t.v serials, outdated movies in Hindi. Apart from this there are many shows available on Netflix. They are Netflix Originals, means these shows are available only on Netflix.

For example- marvels daredevil, lust stories, scared games, lost in space, black mirror, house of cards, revenge, hot girls wanted, master of none, private life, magic of humans, godless, inside the criminal mind, man to man, one more time, secret city, win it all, the discovery, heroin(e), city of joy, flaked, mission blue, welcome to the family, shot in the dark, my beautiful brain, my own man, end game and many more shows.

Let’s know about plan of this service in India. There are thee plans available on Netflix. First basic plan is start from Rs.500 per month, second one is standard plan which is Rs.600 per month and the last one is premium plan which is Rs.800 per month. In the basic plan, you have to watch videos in standard quality because HD is not available and here is one screen that you can watch on at the same time. In the standard plan, you can watch HD videos and here are two screen that you can watch on at the same time. Finally Premium plan is the best because you can watch ultra HD videos or 4k videos. Also, there are four screens that you can watch on at the same time.

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2.Amazon Prime Video:

Amazon Prime vs Netflix

Amazon is the great eCommerce company, may be you have ever bought something from Amazon. There are two types of consumers here, first are normal consumers and second are prime consumers. If you have prime membership of Amazon, you are automatically eligible to access Amazon prime video. In prime membership we get two benefits. First is that you can access Amazon prime video and the second is that if you buy anything from Amazon. You don’t have to give delivery charges. Also, offers and deals open one day before for prime members.

Apart from this, there are also many ‘Amazon Prime Originals’ available. It means that these shows are available only on Amazon prime video.  For example- the man in the high castle, patriot, sneaky pate, hand of god, Mozart in the jungle, transparent, the Americans, Hannibal, veep, the tick, six feet under, mister robot, the good wife, the wire and many more shows.

If you like to watch Hindi content like Bollywood movies, t.v serials and some more Hindi shows then it is the best choice for you because here is much more Hindi content in comparison to Netflix. Let we know about plans, It is the cheapest video streaming service. It charges less than Rs.100 for a month. Here is a yearly plan in Rs.999 for 12 months. If you want to pay monthly then you have to pay Rs.123 for every month. I think Amazon prime video is better for India because we get many things like Hindi content, latest Bollywood movies, Hindi shows which is specially made for India like ‘Chacha Vidhayak Hai Hamare’ even HD, HDR, UHD qualities are also included in this plan.

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