4 Best Secure Browsers (Completely Secret And Hidden Browsers)

Sometimes we serve some website which we do not want to share anyone and we don’t want to create history in our browser too. Basically people use Google Chrome browser very much but it is not completely secure because it monitors your every activity which we are serving on Chrome browser.

For example if you clean all the history of your Chrome browser, you can still see your entire history in ‘my activity’. It means that Google Chrome browser is not completely secret because it stores our data on cloud storage. So in this article we will talk about 4 best secure browsers (completely secret and hidden browsers). These 4 browsers are completely secure you can serve any types of website in these browsers.

4 Best Secure Browsers :

4 Best Secure Browsers


1. Tor Browser-

Maybe you have heard about Tor browser. It is the most common browser in hacking field. From the use of Tor browser you can hide your identity and you can serve dark web or deep web too. It works similar to VPN but Tor browser and VPN are very different things. It is called as onion browser because when we search anything in Tor browser then our computer releases many data packets which pass through many IP addresses that’s why nobody can identify the person who searches.

A cons is that Tor browser is slightly slow in comparison to Google Chrome browser cause of passing through many IP addresses. It is legal to use, if you want download this browser click here. Tor browser is officially available on three platform- Windows, Linux and Mac. It is not available for Android phone if you want to use this browser on Android phone, you can download Orbot App for Android, it work similarly.

2. SRware Iron Browser-

SRware Iron is based on open source means it is a part of open source program. This web browser is similar to Google chromium but these are two different browsers. Now you will thought if these are same browser then why should we use SRware iron so i want to tell you guys there is a big difference of data privacy between them. Data privacy has increased so much in SRware iron browser. Whenever multiple people use this browser they got a new unique ID every time and it will ask to you, which type of data you want to keep secure or secret. If data security is very important for you then you should try this browser. It is trusted because it is the part of Google Chrome maybe you have heard about this browser and if you want to download this browser click here. This browser is available for Android, Windows and Mac.

3. Epic Browser-

You have not heard about this browser before. It doesn’t use Onion Network and it is not similar to Tor browser. When we use Epic browser it increases security automatically because it doesn’t remain any record history of your searches. If you search dirty websites then it is very useful Browser for you. Visit as many website as you wish, your history will not be created. This browser has good speed but it is available only for Windows and Mac it is not available for Android, Linux and IOS. If you want to download this browser click here.

4. Comodo Dragon Browser-

This is the last browser of this list. Its name is very bizarre but it is one of the 4 best secure browsers. Comodo Dragon browser has many security features. Whenever it founds cookies during serving any website then it blocks them automatically and prevents to record your search history.

There are some other pros in this browser, first is that it keeps your data in encrypted form and the second one is that Comodo Dragon browser has inbuilt antivirus. If you download any file from internet it checks the file and scan after that it allows to download so that your computer will we secure. This web browser is also available for windows and mac, for download this browser click here.

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