Tips for Android Phones

4 Amazing Tips for Android Phones Every User Should Know

In this article, we will talk about four common mistakes that we are doing while using a smartphone. If we do not pay attention, it may be the cause of big problems. So here we are going to know about 4 Amazing Tips for Android Phones.

If you are a smartphone user, then you must know these tricks because you might be using your smartphone in the wrong way. 

1. Use Night Mode:

Almost all phones in the market have the feature of night mode, but we do not pay attention to it.

Companies also do not focus on night mode, and why will they focus? Will they tell the audience that our phone’s screen is harmful to you? 

No, they can’t do this, but I tell you how important it is to use night mode. When we use our phones, then blue light emits from the screen, which is very harmful to the human body. It affects our eyes, brain and sleeps badly. It may be the cause of eye irritation, pain and redness.

Apart from this, when we use the phone at night, our eyes send a message to the brain to keep awake. That’s why our sleep doesn’t complete, and we remain to irritate all day. If we use the night mode filter, then it prevents blue rays to some extent.

If you really want to care about your eyes, you should stop using the phone an hour before sleeping. 

Night mode dims the screen brightness of your phone, and it looks yellow a bit. If your phone has not any build-in night mode feature, you can download Twilight app from google play store because it works similarly.

This is one of the top listed Tips for Android Phones. So make sure you’re using Blue Light Filter App or Night Mode.

Tips for Android Phones

2. Keep The Phone Away While Seeping:

We often keep our smartphones with us while sleeping because we use phones late at night and fall asleep while using the phone. Sometimes we keep our phone on vibrate and place it under the pillow so that if someone makes a call, then we will get up.

After all, I want to tell you that it is a very bad idea because many waves are released from smartphones which are the cause of radiation.

If the phone’s battery is low or the signal strength is weak, then the radiation intensity increases. Radiation is very harmful to human health. It disturbs our sleeping pattern and breaks the natural cycle. If we do not take quality sleep, we will feel very tired all day and maybe victims of depression.

According to some studies, radiation may be the cause of cancer in some cases, but it has not proven yet. So it is better to keep phone 3 feet away because you are not affected at this distance, or you can use flight mode during sleeping.

3. Check SAR Value:

I think you have not heard about SAR value. Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) is a value or measure of the rate at which energy is consumed by the human body when exposed to air radiofrequency electromagnetic field.

It is defined as a power absorbed per mass of tissue and has a unit of watts per kilogram (w/kg). Every phone has a SAR value.

If you want to check SAR value of your phone you have to dial *#07# then you will get the SAR value on the screen. Basically, it is 1.6 watt per kilogram of everyone’s phone. If your phone is showing different SAR value, then it will become dangerous or harmful for your body.

It will start showing a serious effect on your body, but it depends on the individual’s body it’s immunity, genus, average talk time on phone etc.

4. Avoid Scrolling on Social Media:

Scrolling on social media is a very small thing, but it is the cause of many problems that you can’t think. It is making you addicted, wasting your time, talking you into depression etc.

Are you thinking, how?

Let’s know about it.

When you get a social media notification, then you click on it, and after seeing that post, you started to scroll rather than come back. During scrolling, if you get any interesting photo or video, you become happy, and if you don’t get some interesting things, then you feel irritated.

It happens because dopamine releases in our brain when we watch some interesting thing as dopamine is a ‘feel-good’ hormone. If we get nothing after a long time, then dopamine does not release so we go into depression.

Thus, this small thing is changing our behaviour, making us addicted, wasting time, taking us into depression etc. So it is better to turn off notification of unnecessary app and control our self.


I hope you got something very interesting things that will help you to make your life productive and healthy. I’ve shared my personal Tips for Android Phones, there might be some more things to do with your phone but these are primary tips that you should apply from today. Keep safe and keep healthy, all the best.

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